BIG HOUSE & UM ARMY Registration

Believe it or not, it is time to start registering for our summer mission camps.  These camps fill up fast, so it is important that we get our registrations in soon.  If you are unfamiliar with our programs, BIG HOUSE is our 4-day missions camp for junior high students (completed 6th-8th).  UM ARMY is a 7-day missions camp for students who have completed 9th-12th grades.  The total cost for BIG HOUSE is $100 and the cost for UM ARMY is $215.  UM ARMY will be July 1-7 at a location to be determined later.  BIG HOUSE will be July 12-15 at a location to be determined later.  If you have a student currently in the 6th grade who is not yet in youth group, you may still sign him or her up for BIG HOUSE as your student will be in youth group at the end of the 6th grade school year.

It has been our tradition to raise funds annually to offset the cost of these camps.  So, do not anticipate spending the full amount.  We also have people who will provide scholarships for students anonymously, so please let me know if money is an issue.  But for now, we need to get everyone signed up!  I need to have everyone’s registration in by December 1!

To register a student for BIG HOUSE, please bring a deposit of $50 per student to the church office.

To register a student for UM ARMY, please bring a deposit of $75 per student to the church office.

Remember, PLEASE HAVE YOUR FORMS AND MONEY IN BY DECEMBER 1!!!  If we get our forms in too late, we run the risk of having to attend a different camp which could overlap with another youth group event.

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